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Hungry Hector treats are one of the finest artisan 100% natural treats available. We gently bake the treats in wood burning ovens to retain the moisture, flavour and nutrition. Easy to digest and highly palatable Hungry Hector treats are enjoyed by dogs throughout the UK and beyond.

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 The companionship and healthy lifestyle they so happily give as unconditional love. There is nothing better than enjoying the wonderful countryside by taking our four legged friends for another great adventure. We like to think that a packet of Hungry Hector tucked in your bag will enhance the experience.

Our new range celebrates this special relationship we have with our dogs and the countryside we enjoy with them.

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This is our commitment to baking perfection:.

  • Gently baked soft fresh natural vet recommended dog treats
  • Wood burning ovens in a carbon neutral bakery
  • Nothing unsavoury added, no added salts sugars, preservatives or glycerine
  • Simply made with quality  ingredients
  • Special blend of herbs to enhance the flavour
  • Soft and moist in the a simple rectangle shape
  • Easy to break to reward your dog
  • Low fat and very easy digestible for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Vet Recommended

Natural gently baked

The only soft baked 100% natural treat available.

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We keep the treats as simple as possible. We carefully select a small range of quality healthy ingredients so you clearly know what you are feeding your dog.

Then by carefully and gently baking we ensure that none of the goodness is lost and the treat is soft, full of flavour and totally irresistible to dogs.

Our shelf life is always tested to human grade, so when we say its good for eight months we know that is still as fresh as the day we baked it.

With now 5 great varieties for your dog to enjoy and we are always looking at new additions to our range.

Finest Ingredients

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Our ingredients are carefully selected to give the perfect balance between taste, texture and palatability.

Baked in wood burning ovens in a carbon neutral bakery we care as much about the environment as we do about our dogs and ingredients.

We do not add anything to unnaturally colour or preserve. With no added salts or sugars and by keeping the recipes as simple as possible, we feel confident your dog is going to enjoy a healthy natural treat.

Simple Supply Chain

Excellent quality ingredients means we know the finished quality is just as good.

We take care to ensure that all our suppliers are either local to us or if we need to look further afield we use British companies. This policy means that our supply chain is as short as possible, but we take care to build good relationships with all who supply or buy from us.

Vet Approved Dog Treats

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Katherine Davis is our vet. She ensures we get it right. Katherine works for the vets in Redruth in Cornwall. She approves of all of our treats. Katherine enjoys walking her dogs around West Cornwall or riding her much loved horse Mr C.

The Perfect Dog Treat

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We like to think we bake and supply the perfect dog treat. We ensure that we take just as much care of our retailers. They not only have a great product, but the packaging, posters, samples and eight months shelf life mean that the product is easy and enjoyable to sell.

We have a policy that we try to have only one retailer in a given area and so that the retailer has the confidence of an exclusive product and with great margins and great repeat business we are fast becoming established throughout the UK.

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